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Leash Training Puppy

Imagine you are a dog lover and have bought a puppy and want it to become a new member of your family. But you are worried about its non-obedient attitude. You see rest of your friends or neighbors, walking their puppies across the street or in the park, playing with them or giving those commands, and you also desire to train your puppy to do all these things too. Now, you might have heard that dogs training is a very difficult task and that sometimes it’s virtually impossible to train the dog, but don’t all of such things are just a myth, because I have never encountered a dog in my life that I couldn’t train. So to begin with, you might want to train your puppy to walk on a leash which in other words is referred to as Leash Training Puppy.

First of all, what is Leash Training Puppy? It is the training of a puppy or a dog to walk and follow your commands while having a leash tied around its neck. Leash training is an important part of dog training especially if you have bought a new puppy or dog. This training process has various steps which need to be followed patiently in order to get good results.

Familiarize your Puppy with Leash and Collar:

To begin with you should first familiarize you a puppy with a leash and collar. Being human beings we know one fact for sure that, we need some time to familiarize to something that is not already a part of our body, the same goes for the puppies. They must be properly introduced to leash and collar before they can start walking on the leash. While choosing the leash, it's necessary to choose one with sufficient slack so that it doesn’t hurts the puppy and doesn’t create problems in breathing. Also, check if your puppy already has any respiratory issue or not. While introducing you puppy to leash and collar, wait for the right time. When I say right time, I mean at times where the puppy is comfortable with you, is playing, feeding or enjoying in any other sense. This is important because for you to familiarize you puppy with leash and collar the puppy must be in a good mood.

Walk him around the house:

It’s never a good approach to get you puppy on a leash walk as soon as you familiarize it with leash and collar. For a puppy to get used to the leash, you must walk him around the house or around different parts of the house while wearing the leash. This would help the puppy to get used to leash as well as making him aware of the surroundings so he feels more comfortable anywhere around the house. Remember not to stress the puppy too much. Train it to get used to leash slowly and steadily.

Teach him to follow:

You don’t want to be running behind your puppy while you take it out on a walk. So to avoid such a situation, you must Leash Training Puppy to follow you instead of the other way around. To teach the puppy to follow you, you should first usually walk on a track that he is familiarized to, then change the directions frequently or by stopping and restarting randomly. This will inculcate a sense of following you, in your puppy and they would be excited to follow you. Keep doing this until the puppy has completely learned to follow you. Teaching a puppy to follow you is a time taking the task and to speed it up you may use the technique of rewarding or praising, which means you reward or praise your puppy every time it follows you or obeys you so the puppy knows that he’ll get a reward for doing good things.

Start teaching him to obey:

Having it familiarize with the leash and getting it to follow you, next task for you is to teach you puppy to obey your commands. While teaching the puppy to obey, start with the basic commands like sit, stand, stop, come and down etc. Frequently use these commands while walking the puppy and keep on commanding until the puppy understands what you are trying to communicate. Try using gestures with your verbal commands and try not to be harsh. Start with one basic command and move on to the next when the puppy has learned the first one. For example, commanding the puppy to sit frequently, while walking it around. Again use the technique of rewarding or praising, every time your puppy obeys you so the puppy knows the reward for following any command.
Last but not the least, Leash Training Puppy can be difficult sometimes but remember to be patient and not lose the hope.

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