This video is a quick intro into fundamental obedience. Obedience is the essential means of interaction with any animal. Through obedience training your canine will discover exactly what, when and the best ways to do what your asking.



  1. J.

    Sep 06. 2016

    Step 1: Smoke a joint…

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  2. 3642130

    Dec 17. 2016

    Typical bully, sweet and ready to give kishes.

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  3. Seif Oraby

    Jan 04. 2017

    can anyone be nice enough to tell me what is the dog breed in this video

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  4. scottish nignog

    Jan 26. 2017

    what a beautiful dog he is

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  5. TheXander093

    Feb 16. 2017

    No need to say stay. Down is down. Sit is sit. They both have a built in stay. Otherwise why give the initial command? Stay is needless and redundant imho. To each his own

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  6. Beerrunner81

    Mar 07. 2017

    This is how I trained my dog and it works.

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  7. r44cker

    Mar 14. 2017

    You never need to touch a dog to train…

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  8. That Former Hooper

    Mar 18. 2017

    am i the only one who thinks he looks like the american sniper

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  9. LpsGalaxyLover

    Mar 31. 2017

    My dads dog is trained but…he forgets about his dog now its acting like a wild beast or something😭😭 his dog was obedient and respectful to us all. Now he bacame wild and mean😭😭😭😭i miss our old german shepherd’s self..

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    • LpsGalaxyLover

      Mar 31. 2017

      Wait..maybe there’s one more chance…hmmm…his dog is big….and there still treats tho in our doge stuff storage,……i did trained my own dog last year…um….i may be young but..since I’ve trained my dog pit bull..maybe i can train dads dog…He will be so proud! That i can train his dog….ill try…using your way! THANK YOU!

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  10. Chelsea Hammond

    Apr 02. 2017

    Such a beautiful dog. I’m getting a new blue nose soon and very excited to train.

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  11. Aleksandar Kraevski

    Apr 11. 2017

    Can you guys tell me what is the exact breed of the dog please

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  12. Lon Rolvos

    Apr 12. 2017

    these training vids kill me. they all use trained dogs. use the savage at the end of my leash. I am trying everything he is bending the prongs on the collar. No give in this animal…

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    • SoulofPimpC

      Jul 11. 2017

      Start without the leash just to get the dog comfortable with you by making it a game. You want to fool them into thinking they’re making the calls themselves by cutting the distractions and options. It takes time and patience.

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  13. Alberto Einstein

    Apr 19. 2017

    I’ve tried this on my blue nose but he still remains aggressive towards dogs,people, and cars he jumps at everything. I can’t walk him like I used to.

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    • Mr Foster

      Apr 28. 2017

      Alberto Einstein takes alot of patience, focus on making him become more obedient in the comfort of his home first before you focus on outside. some dogs this takes a while

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  14. Claire Heinrich

    Apr 24. 2017

    It doesn’t work

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  15. El-nino torres

    May 04. 2017

    this dog is American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire ?

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  16. Eric Cunanan

    Jun 22. 2017

    this guy smoked a joint before making this video.

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  17. Alicia Jones

    Jun 30. 2017

    learned a lot from this! amazing what a pitbull can learn in the matter of minutes! thank you!

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  18. GaminG SkulL

    Jul 04. 2017

    i like your t shirt

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  19. Million Dollar Vlogs

    Jul 08. 2017

    how do I not get my dog aggressive around ppl

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  20. Miss Que

    Jul 17. 2017

    He is GORGEOUS!! What do you feed him?

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