Dog Trick Tutorial: “Cover your eyes!!”

This is an innovative pet dog trick for any dog that has some experience dealing with a favorable, marker-based design of training. It has been made popular partially from being seen in a number of motion pictures.

By breaking the trick up into workable little parts, any canine can discover it so long as they are set up to be effective throughout the different phases highlighted in this video. Nevertheless, I should state that it needs a substantial amount of slow & patient training and can take some pet dogs weeks to master.

KEEP IN MIND: I do not suggest utilizing anything besides scotch tape, due to the fact that if the glue is too strong it can be an undesirable experience for the pet dog … which is not what canine training is about!


29 Responses to “Dog Trick Tutorial: “Cover your eyes!!””

  1. Cha-cha Kyamba

    Jun 30. 2016

    My dog likes the tape on her nose :/

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  2. TheRandom1

    Jul 10. 2016

    can you plz walk 10 more inches from the camera your face is way to close

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  3. Lucy Wang

    Aug 24. 2016

    so cool! can you do one on separation anxiety plzzzz

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  4. Mony Love

    Sep 03. 2016

    This was such a great video! Had to subscribe. Everything you said was precise and easy to follow. Will be watching more of your vids 😁 thanks for sharing!

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  5. Antonio Mora

    Jan 22. 2017

    instead of the word cover say dab

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  6. Brianna Conatser

    Mar 04. 2017

    Great job!!

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  7. Kani Fuker

    Mar 12. 2017

    My dog does tricks without being asked, now that’s clever.

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  8. Nunya Bizz

    Mar 13. 2017

    what kind of treat do you use?

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    Mar 20. 2017


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  10. Lance Moulds

    Mar 27. 2017

    it looks like he’s dabing!!😂😂😂

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  11. Nishio SH

    Mar 31. 2017

    my dog is way too hyper for this trick. lol

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  12. AwsomeBoyGamer YT

    May 07. 2017

    3:47 dog: do I do it? XD

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  13. 방탄소년단

    Jun 10. 2017

    My just tries to eat the tape pmsl

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  14. Ruth Rose

    Jun 12. 2017

    thank you. I’m gonna teach my new dog this. I’ve had him a few weeks and he knows set and stand now.

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  15. DJDragon

    Jun 16. 2017

    Do you have to have a clicker???

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  16. Ali Jensen

    Jul 01. 2017

    My dog is scared of the tape! Lol

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  17. Crystallian101

    Jul 06. 2017

    What do the clicks do

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  18. Seleriella Willow

    Jul 09. 2017

    Now known as the dog dab

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  19. Jeremiah plays

    Jul 09. 2017

    how do u make the click noise

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