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Teaching your pet dog, whether a young puppy or an adult, to rest comfortably in their dog crate, is a fantastic ability for you and your pet to have. For young puppies or new adult canines entering your home, it’s an exceptional way to make sure that they do not have potty mishaps and enter routines that they should not when you can’t supervise them. However even for adult canines, particularly if you travel, it’s a fantastic method to ensure that they have a house away from house. The very first thing you wish to do, whether it’s a puppy or an older pet dog, is make certain that they enjoy their crate. Some ways that you can accomplish this is making the cage a desirable place to rest and that they get terrific things therein. So I always believe it’s a fantastic concept to feed your pet dog all its meals in the crate. You can keep the door open. So that meals go off in the crate. You can also put your dog in the dog crate when it’s nap time or their more than likely to calm down. And you wish to simply give it a bit of time to make sure your pet is comfortable in the crate. So for example, if you offer your canine a toy in the crate do they remain in the dog crate playing with it? Or do they take it out? Once you feel like your dog feels very positive with the crate, you can start shutting the door for time periods where they have something to do. So today, Walter is gladly licking at his toy and I can close the crate door then a bit before he was finished with that, I may open it up for him. And once he was cage trained, I could leave it on in there and he would probably calm down for a nap. Another thing that actually aids with dog crate training your pet is to play some cage video games. So I’m going to encourage Walter to come on from the dog crate. And when he comes out I’m going to offer him some hugs and some animals and some love. And then I’m going to toss this treat into the cage and he’s going to run on in there to obtain his reward. And when he reverses I’m going to state “excellent” and I’m going to drop a few treats on the flooring for him. And then I’m going to encourage him to come out. When he comes out, I’ll reward him for coming out, but I’m going to use tactile, or petting, and verbal appreciation “excellent boy” and I’m going to toss the reward on back into the dog crate. I desire my canine to prefer the idea of going in the crate than coming out. And that’s why I’m going to utilize high value treats for rewarding him for going in the cage and verbal appreciation and animals for coming out. Once he’s doing that dependably, I can put it on cue “go to your cage” and point him on in when they reverse you reward them after the truth. And after that if I had to go out and I wished to crate my pet dog, I would provide him some toys and shut the door. I understand that my adult pet dog or my pup is safe. So follow these suggestions for cage training and in no time you ought to have a pet that’s resting calmly and securely in his dog crate.


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  1. Alex Ochoa

    Nov 24. 2013

    This is fake their already trained before they made this vid I tried with my pup and nothing and she’s really active

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  2. Coco Hossain

    Dec 30. 2013

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  3. yara08100

    Feb 02. 2014

    what breed is this?

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  4. pusinka62

    Apr 02. 2014

    it looks like an Affenpincher?? I have a black one 🙂

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