How to House Train a Puppy | Dog Training

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Home training your young puppy really simply boils down to a few fundamental principles. One, you need to have a proper set-up and usage management tools. Exactly what you're going to desire is a short-term confinement area, a crate, and you're going to use that for as long as you believe your young puppy can hold it's bladder. If you're doing outside training you don't necessarily have to have a long-term confinement location, but if your puppy is actually young and not going outside yet, or you're schedule does not enable you to bring your puppy to potty breaks frequently enough, then you are going to have a long-term confinement location. A long-lasting confinement location is a location where your young puppy can do no wrong. You're going to have, in that long-lasting confinement area, an indoor legal toilet for your pup to get rid of on the occasion that you can't bring them to the toilet yourself. Typically we use wee-wee pads of newspaper, some sort of an absorbent surface. You want to begin by covering the entire surface with the pads or paper. This way you are setting your puppy up for One Hundred Percent success. They can't slip up. As time goes on, provide it a week, don't rush it, you'll begin getting rid of a bit of the pad or substrate slowly so that you can make sure that your young puppy is really targeting the pad. Eventually your goal may be to have more floor and just one pad. However take your time and if your young puppy ever slips up then you're just going to put a bit more toilet surface down for your young puppy. The next thing you absolutely have to keep in mind is that if your young puppy is not in their cage or their long-lasting confinement area and they're out and about with you, you are going to monitor them One Hundred Percent of the time. When I speak about guidance I don't suggest simply enjoying your pup run around the living room floor and weeing in the corner. I indicate actually keeping your puppy near to you. The only time they're going to be going out and about and getting a bit of exercise and enjoyable is right after they have actually gone to the bathroom. That way you understand your pup is empty and you're setting yourself and your pup up for success of not having accidents in your house. The method you can monitor them is keeping them on a long, lightweight indoor leash. By doing this your young puppy is constantly tethered to you and as time goes on, if you feel that your pup might need to go to the bathroom, you're going to tighten up the supervision, maybe even put him in your lap or on a little pad at your feet, chewing a toy. And then when you believe it's time for them to go to the potty you're either going to bring them outdoors, if you're outdoor training, or to their legal indoor toilet. So remember to set you and your young puppy up for effective home training, you want to utilize your management tools, which is your cage, potentially a long-term confinement location and ensure you have your pup at the best location at the right time so that when they do go to the bathroom in the best spot, you're prepared to inform them how good they are and back that up with a great treat, so that they understand that's what you desire.


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  1. DoodleDinoLPS TV

    Dec 23. 2016

    What breed is that pup? He’s so CUTE!

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    Dec 26. 2016

    I don’t have a dog idk why i am watching this

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    • Janifer

      Jan 22. 2017

      DEVI SHEETAL same

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    • alejandro herrera

      Jan 24. 2017

      interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for house train a puppy try Jaffacter Simple Dog Coach (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

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    • Sabina Jha

      Jan 25. 2017

      Hey I like this video, the ideas in the second half concerning how long to house-train a beagle puppy
      and I also found helpfull for controling and raise puppy easil
      was Grathaw Canine Teaching Expert – search google if you want

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  3. Tina Siz

    Mar 08. 2017

    great, but puppy distroys the potty paper! lol

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  4. Giovanny Melendez

    Mar 15. 2017

    My dog just screams when i leave his sight

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  5. DankFrogz

    Mar 22. 2017

    >how to house train a puppy
    >thumbnail shows dog in cage

    seems legit.

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  6. Paco Ledesma

    Mar 28. 2017

    Then why do you watch this???!

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  7. Liddlenique 15

    Apr 11. 2017

    I have a Yorkie and when I put him in his crate he just barks until someone gets him out and then when I take him outside he doesn’t even use the bathroom until he comes back inside like wtf

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  8. Elizabeth Babafemi

    Apr 11. 2017

    great tips thank you for this video

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  9. Al Vipersnake8

    Apr 20. 2017

    What are you doing to the cute puppy!!! Because look how cute

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  10. Sofía Delgado

    Apr 28. 2017

    I now believe in love again…

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  11. Sammie Howard

    May 02. 2017

    “Only a short note to thank you such a great amount for your commitment and demonstrable skill. We picked up such a great amount from the essential training course thus did Libby!! [Go Here=== ] It has had a tremendous effect to every one of us, she appears to be such a cheerful, settled little pup now, on account of you, you’re training techniques and direction.”

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  12. Jiel Roden Mike Gerona

    May 15. 2017

    WOW! i like that dog , is there any available? how much?

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  13. Greg Bolling

    May 16. 2017

    what if my mixed lab and pit puppy keeps tearing up the pads whenever i put them down and she’ll still go on the carpet?? She is only 9 1/2 weeks though. Am I rushing the process or do i just need a little more patience?

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  14. Saurabh Dogra

    May 18. 2017

    Watching this at 2am. I don’t even have a pet.

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  15. Deborah Dallas

    Jun 14. 2017

    I love puppys😘😘😘😍😍

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  16. The Cakesters

    Jun 16. 2017

    Someone Make A Clip Of Her Saying “WeeWee” On Repeat And Make It A Meme.

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    Jun 18. 2017


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  18. The Moc Reviewer

    Jul 05. 2017

    Can you use litter box inside the crate?

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  19. Aditya Janagal

    Jul 06. 2017

    Dog ko kya dena chahiye padigree ya drools

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  20. Denise Lol

    Jul 11. 2017

    what kind of dog is that

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