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Exactly what makes a great pet trick? A great pet trick is any technique that you and your pet have a good time learning together. A great dog trick is also something that amuses your friends and your family and a trick that assists your pet dog to improve their general habits particularly beyond the house. A pet dog like River, a little chihuahua, who has a tendency potentially to be a bit fearful around brand-new environments most likely is going to feel that far better when meeting brand-new individuals and in new environments when she’s practicing the habits she’s found out at home and she’s had fun doing.

A few of the best pet techniques are those tricks that assist your pet to feel more comfortable and unwinded in environments outside the house. So, for instance, teaching your pet dog to take a bow is a fantastic trick for many dogs since the play bow is a gesture of play. And teaching your pet to do so on demand is a terrific method to assist them extend, and calm and unwind themselves when they remain in possibly stressful circumstances.

Some other truly cute techniques are teaching your canine to wave or to sit up on their hind legs and stick them up. Those are techniques that, again, assist your pet dog to extend and unwind which is a natural posture when a dog is obtaining play from other canines.

If you’re trying to find a trick that’s going to impress your pals you might want to teach your dog to jump over objects whether it be your leg, or perhaps more remarkably, leaping through a hoop. You can make certain that you select a hoop that’s properly sized for your canine. So, for instance, with River we went to a kids play shop and got her a little small hoop. If you have a larger pet dog you can go and get a typical hula hoop for your dog.

One of the most important things to think about when teaching your pet dog tricks is not just to utilize a technique to training that has to do with having a good time with your dog however likewise making sure that you’re picking tricks that your canine can physically master. Do not anticipate a little canine like River, for example, to do something that’s too physical that might put her in damage’s method. Make certain that you pick techniques that are going to be fun and safe for your canine as well as have the benefit of thrilling you, your family, and your friends.


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  1. Joshua Cruz

    Jan 08. 2015

    My chiwawis 4years old and he did not do them

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    • Henry Gomez

      Nov 19. 2015

      yeah, it’s more difficult to train them when they are older.. that’s why most people train them when they are young

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    • Prxncess

      Dec 29. 2015

      +Joshua Cruz It’s spelled Chihuahua…lol sorry if that’s annoying.

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  2. Jammer4t1y2 AJ

    Feb 09. 2015

    i will try to teach this to my chihuahua

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  3. TheGoldenMiner

    Apr 04. 2015

    This is just advice for tricks not how to

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  4. Denise Tarleton

    Nov 20. 2015

    Dog gone it! I didn’t learn how to teach the dog, only which trick’s to choose lol

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  5. Itzel Ruiz

    Jan 21. 2016

    I have a chihuahua that look like that

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  6. Itzel Ruiz

    Jan 21. 2016

    I have a chihuahua that look like that

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  7. CookieProductions

    Feb 03. 2016

    hi that looks like me XD

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  8. ThatGuyFrank

    Mar 29. 2016

    Spell chihuahua with my eyes shut no fakes:
    As you can see I got it 2 times in a row because I practice spelling things with my eyes shut cause it’s cool and it’s a fun little game.
    This wasn’t fake.

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  9. Kelly Williams

    Apr 09. 2016

    my dog jumps over houses and stuff m8 u helped me so much on tellin meh how to teach em

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  10. Rob F

    Jul 06. 2016

    nothing useful

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  11. AppleBro

    Aug 23. 2016


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  12. J Willie

    Aug 28. 2016


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  13. Kevin Lopez

    Nov 23. 2016


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  14. Patricks Blogs

    Nov 27. 2016

    My eyes shut spelling chuiahua

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  15. Patricks Blogs

    Nov 27. 2016


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  16. Patricks Blogs

    Nov 27. 2016


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  17. Izabella Mae Garcia

    Jan 12. 2017

    My eyes shut spelling chihuahua:

    First time:

    Second time:


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  18. Cujo the chihuahua

    Feb 01. 2017

    my dog is a boy

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  19. yesiownfrodo

    Feb 16. 2017

    This did not show HOW to teach your dog tricks, only the why. Very disappointing.

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  20. BlackBlast Vlogs a Gaming

    Feb 20. 2017

    it tells what tricks are good to have your dog do but doesn’t tell how to do them.

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