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Pomeranians are enjoyable little canines full of character. Tricks training can be a fantastic way to show off how smart your pomeranian is. I’m going to show you with Tara ways to teach your pomeranian the technique of spin.

When training your dog a spin you’re going to wish to have on hand a remote control to mark the canine’s behavior as correct and a selection of little deals with that your pet dog likes. I’m going to use a technique called “lure reward” which indicates I’m going to assist her through her spin utilizing a treat.

So, I’m just going to move my hand around in a circle, and click and reward as she finishes up that spin. And repeat that a few times till she’s doing it extremely rapidly and smoothly. Now I’m going to change to an empty hand signal which means there will not be a treat in my hand. I’m going to just point and move my hand around in a circle, and click and reward again as she ends up that spin. If the canine doesn’t do it you merely do not reward.

Once you have actually done this a variety of times you can additional a spoken cue. You want to say the word when and straight prior to giving your hand signal. So I’m going to say “spin”, and after that provide my hand signal for spin. Spin, there we go. Spin, and we’ve got an itch, there we go. Excellent. All right.

Despite the fact that pomeranians are small dogs you still wish to train them. So teaching them essentials of sit, down, and stay, as well as some impulse control, is going to settle a lot.

Which’s how you teach your pomeranian to spin.


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  1. Donald Evans

    Dec 29. 2013

    I tried but I had no treats so she didn’t spin or anything :(.

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  2. BornForever009

    Jun 04. 2014

    My pom does tricks only when we have treats :c

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  3. Duffenator

    Nov 08. 2014

    It’s not working this is stupid!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I Can Fix That

    Dec 06. 2014

    My dog does this regardless when he sees food lol

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  5. CHE RK

    Feb 08. 2015


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  6. Chloe

    Feb 20. 2015

    How long will it take for my pomeranian cross border collie take to get use to this?
    The only thing is he is taking forever to learn but I try not to pich him too much because we got him from the pound and he was abused, so how long do you think it would take?

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  7. pomeranian AJ

    May 09. 2015

    Omg it’s so fluffy and cute!!!!

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  8. Nicole's Dictionary

    Aug 04. 2015

    It worked for brownie

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  9. нαуιтѕlιzzу

    Oct 18. 2015

    It worked thanks! 😀

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  10. ben reeves

    Oct 25. 2015

    my dog doesn even eat the treat only if it hungry…

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  11. Raze Lighter

    Oct 25. 2015

    You need to be at least level 6 to unlock that Pomeranian.

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  12. Jennifer Liu

    May 27. 2016

    I have a pomeranian and he knows how to sit, lie down, shake hands, do a high5 and wave goodbye lol now trying on the spin one lol

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    • Y Flowerzita

      Nov 08. 2016

      Jennifer Liu hi can I ask how old is your pomeranian? And how old was he when you start training him? I am having problem with mine, he is 3 months

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  13. akkan Shukla

    Aug 03. 2016

    fugdi khila rahe ho kya

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  14. PastelRose

    Oct 12. 2016

    The pomeranian I am training is in the process of learning shake but I am scared because her paw is so tiny and fragile!!

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  15. LadyEsori

    Nov 19. 2016

    She’s training a shadow! @_@

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  16. alex robbins

    Mar 08. 2017

    i love pomeranians

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  17. breanna keel

    May 11. 2017

    I have a feist and it took me 3 minutes to teach him spin. Saying that he’s so food driven he would do anything.

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