How To Teach Your Dog To Beg

Begging is an adorable pet dog trick that is reasonably easy to train a dog to do. With a little persistence on your part, your dog will soon be sitting up to plead on command.

What You Required
Have a handful of your dog’s favorite deals with ready when you begin training him to plead. If you are clicker training, have your clicker helpful, too.

Here’s How to Do It

Start training a dog to do this pet trick by asking him to sit. If your pet dog isn’t able to sit on command, return and work on the sit command prior to proceeding to step 2.

  1. With your canine in a sitting position, hold a treat at his nose, and provide him the command “beg.”.
  2. As your pet dog reaches to take the reward in his mouth, slowly raise the reward over his head so that he’ll need to rise to get it. Pull it up till he is resting on his hind end with his paws off the flooring, and kept in front of him in the asking position.
  3. As quickly as your dog remains in the pleading position, tell him “good” or click your clicker, and provide him a reward.
  4. Repeat these actions numerous times each day for brief training sessions. It won’t be long till your dog is pleading on command.

Training in Phases.
Some dogs won’t go into the asking position during the very first training session. In this case, you may have to train a pet dog to beg in smaller steps. This kind of training is referred to as shaping. The clicker can be extremely beneficial in shaping a habits. Here’s how to do it:.

  1. Begin with your dog sitting.
  2. Hold a reward in front of your pet dog’s nose, and provide him the command “plead.”.
  3. Slowly move the reward up so your pet dog will need to stretch his nose up in the air to reach it.
  4. As quickly as your pet lifts his nose in the air, click your remote control or tell him “great,” and give him a reward.
  5. Repeat this step several times until your canine is raising his nose in the air each time you offer him the plead command.
  6. Next, set the bar a little bit greater. Only click and treat when his nose goes in the air and one of his paws comes slightly off the ground. Repeat this up until he is doing it consistently whenever you give the ask command.
  7. Keep choosing habits that bring your pet dog closer to obtaining into the asking position. Practice each brand-new habits until your dog is doing it each time you offer the plead command. In this way, you’ll gradually train your pet dog to sit up and beg.
  8. Once your canine has actually effectively stayed up to beg several times in a row, you should just click and treat when your pet dog enters that position on command. Practice the beg command for a couple of minutes numerous times each day.


If your canine slips up more than 2 or 3 times in a row at any phase in the training procedure, go back to an earlier step. Practice that step up until your canine your canine is always doing it properly, then start moving gradually ahead in the training once again.


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