How To Teach Your Dog How To Bow

Have you ever seen a dog take a bow? It’s quite lovable. What’s more amusing than a pet dog doing tricks? Dogs enjoy tricks due to the fact that they get great deals of positive attention. Human beings like pet techniques because, well, they are amusing and charming! The bright side is that you too can quickly train your pet to take a bow on command.

To take a bow, your pet dog leans down with his elbows and chest touching the ground while his rear end stays up.

Taking a bow is a cool dog trick, and the ideal finishing touch when showing off all your canine’s techniques.

Materials for Training Your Dog to Take a Bow
All you have to train a dog to take a bow is your pet and some deals with. You may likewise wish to have a remote control on hand if you are utilizing clicker training as part of your pet training.

The best ways to Train Your Dog to Take a Bow

  1. Start with your pet standing up. It’s handy if your pet dog is able to base on command. If he hasn’t mastered this fundamental command yet, you might wish to deal with it before proceeding to the 2nd step.
  2. Hold a reward at the suggestion of your pet’s nose, and gradually move it down, holding it near to your dog’s body. In this way, you will utilize the treat to entice your canine down till his elbows are on the floor with his rear end staying up.
  3. Hold your pet in the bow for a few seconds, then utilize the reward to tempt him back into a standing position.
  4. As quickly as your pet completes the bow and is standing up, inform him “yes” or “good” or click your remote control, and offer him the reward.
  5. Repeat actions 2 and 3 several times.
  6. Once your dog seems to comprehend the action, you can include the cue word “bow” before going through actions 2 and 3 once again.
  7. Practice the bow command with your pet numerous times a day for no greater than 5 minutes each time. Before you understand it, your canine will be taking a bow on command.

Troubleshooting When Training “Take a Bow”
Some pets have trouble keeping their rear ends in the air when at first discovering this pet technique. To keep his back half up while his chest and elbows are resting on the flooring, location your arm underneath his stomach while you use the other hand to draw his front half to the floor. A lot of canines will quickly capture on, and after a couple of practice sessions, your pet will take a bow without you having to hold his back end up.

Some canines have a difficult time discovering this entire pet technique at one time. If this is the case with your canine, you can teach him to take a bow in smaller increments. This is called shaping a behavior and works really well with clicker training. To do it, you have to begin rewarding your dog for relocating the ideal direction. For example, if the very best your pet dog can do in the start before making errors is to follow the reward half method to the floor, click and treat for that. Then begin to provide deals with only when your pet dog is better to the flooring. In this way, you can choose the behaviors that come closest to what you need him to do. In little increments over a number of training sessions, you can slowly train your pet dog to take a bow.


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