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Teaching your pet to say his or her prayers is a technique that you require broken down into numerous parts. That is, it’s not a behavior that’s just something the dog is doing. The parts are as follows. You’re teaching initially for your dog to put their paws up on an object, then the second part is that you’re teaching your pet dog to bend down and to put their head down on the item so it looks like they’re stating their prayers.

So the method we’re going to teach this is, the first step is going to be teaching our pet dog, “yes”, to put a paw onto an item. Ensure that things is appropriately sized for your dog. In Nora’s case, this item is simply high enough that she only has to raise her paw a little bit. If you have a smaller dog, like a Maltese or a Chihuahua, this stool should be a little lower, and if you have a bigger dog, you may desire it to be a bit greater. So, once again, what I’m looking for is for Nora to come forward, yes, and put even just one paw on this item. When she does that, I’m going to let her understand that’s exactly what I’m searching for by utilizing a marker. In this case, the word “yes.” Excellent task.

The next step in this technique is to have her comprehend that I’m looking for her to put both paws on this item, so now I’m changing the requirements. What may occur here is that Nora might decide that she’s a bit confused, because for a number of repeatings I rewarded her for putting simply one paw on this things, and now I’m waiting for her to put a 2nd paw. So be reasonable to your pet and make sure that you go slowly, and you’re extremely motivating. This is not something that you wish to hurry, or that you want to press your pet to do, since you don’t want training to be difficult.

So I’m going to wait for her to put one paw up. I’m going to neglect that behavior now. This, once again, might be a little complicated for her. She might hold that. She may try and put her head down, since she understands that’s something I like a bit. If she gets sort of stuck, I might help her with a little bit of luring or triggering. Yes. In this case, I moved my hand forward a bit, knowing it would make her body move on and bring the other paw up. So let’s try that once again and see if now … yes. So that one time of assisting her a little bit was enough for her to sort of have a light bulb minute and believe perhaps she wants me to put two paws up there. So now we’re going to repeat this a number of times until she, yes, is regularly putting both paws up on the things.

Once we get to that point, exactly what we’re going to do is we’re going to assist her to understand that we want her to put her head down so it looks like she’s praying. So I’m going to take my hand in this case and utilize a bit of enticing, which is I’m going to lower my by far towards the stool a little bit so that her head lowers. If your dog does not know this habits yet, exactly what you want to do, yes, is start to reward for small steps in the best direction. So if her head tackles here, I might say, “Yes” and give her a reward, even though it’s not the complete behavior, or the full technique. However ultimately exactly what you wish to do is ignore those movements that don’t go all the way down to the stool and wait on her go to go all the method down. Yes, great job. When you get that full habits the very first, second, and 3rd times, you wish to throw a party and provide your dog a prize that is additional award so they really understand how great it is to do that complete behavior that you’re trying to find.

So now let’s see if Nora has got the idea and understands that when I say, “Say your prayers,” yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to find. Which is how you teach your canine to say his or her prayers.


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    Mar 11. 2015


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  2. ItzzGabby

    Apr 25. 2015

    Heck! My aunties dog just prayed without even learning! There is a religion class to dogs!

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  3. Fan Girl

    May 02. 2015

    My chow chow ends up lying down everytime he does the two paws thingy, what will i do?

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  4. Jana Shehata

    Dec 19. 2015

    what should i do if im dog keeps going round the stool to get to the treat and refuses to put his paws on the stool

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    • Skylor Hollifield

      Aug 25. 2016

      You keep on trying try to pick up your dogs paws and keep saying yes and that stuff it can’t happen in one day it takes a week or two

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  5. Cosmos

    Jan 10. 2016

    Next up, how to teach your dog to read the bible

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  6. AidenFrost

    Mar 24. 2016

    I gotta say this is a joke look at the subscribers okay 4,2,0 420!

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  7. Foxy fnaf Quiles

    Apr 12. 2016

    awwww so cute 😊❤

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  8. Jeanne Strauss

    Apr 13. 2016

    So cute♡

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  9. Tumblin' Sam

    Apr 15. 2016

    my dog gets up on the stool and puts her head down but she doesn’t do it fully and she doesn’t to the flattening of the arms she suppose to. please help me 🙁

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    • Skylor Hollifield

      Aug 25. 2016

      Try training her some of the basic tricks like sit,and shake then work up to that it takes a-while it can’t all go down in one day

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    • Tumblin' Sam

      Aug 28. 2016

      +Skylor Hollifield she can sit, lie down, roll over, high five, say hello, and paw

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    • Skylor Hollifield

      Aug 28. 2016

      +Tumblin’ Sam ok then try picking up typo ur dogs paws put it on the stool give him/her a treat than get another treat and lower his/her head it takes a couple weeks to train your dog that trust me I know

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  10. Gine Caspe

    Jun 17. 2016


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  11. Robert Bishop

    Aug 02. 2016


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  12. Emily Kovacs

    Aug 26. 2016


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  13. GamingMoose21

    Sep 01. 2016

    Well it kind of works with my yorkie, but he only wanna do it with the treats

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  14. cortez

    Sep 22. 2016

    Can you do a video on how my pooch can work as an actor in Hollywood so I can retire?

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  15. the master baiter

    Oct 11. 2016

    So we are indoctornating dogs into our religions now?

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  16. Tristan520212

    Nov 17. 2016

    how come you didn’t use clicks this time? or did I just not hear them?

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  17. Mater Candy

    Jan 13. 2017

    I have a dachshund and I use a shoebox for her to stand on.. I put the box in front of her and she automatically knows to put both feet on but she gets stuck there. Please help.

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