How To Teach Your Dog To Shake Hands

Wish to teach your puppy to shake? Fortunately, this technique is simple to teach and will wow your friends and family!

There are 2 techniques to teach this trick. The first method includes your canine targeting your hand with his paw, and the second encourages your canine to move away from pressure.

Method 1: Wait him out!

1. Hold out your empty hand, palm up, at a height near to your dog’s knee level.

2. Wait!

3. Your pet dog will probably sniff your hand, lick your hand, and eventually he will try some other methods, such as pawing at your hand.

4. The minute your dog lifts his paw (even if he hasn’t reached your hand), tell him “good pet!” and reward him with a delicious treat.

5. Repeat this waiting game till the pet dog is raising his paw into your hand. Keep rewarding him and start including a verbal cue. Say “shake” as you present your hand and quickly your canine will be excitedly shaking paws with you!

Approach 2: Tap tap tap

1. Use your guideline finger to lightly tap the back of your dog’s paw, just under his dew claw/dew claw pad.

2. Your canine may right away pick up his foot to move far from the gentle pressure, or it may take a couple of moments of duplicated light tapping prior to he picks up his foot. As soon as he begins to bend it and move far from your finger, carefully sweep your hand forward and get his paw.

3. Verbally appreciation and reward your dog with a reward!

4. Repeat this until your pet dog starts to raise his foot as soon as you reach toward it, now you can also include the verbal cue “shake” as you reach toward his paw!

Keep in mind, dogs do not generalize well so just because he knows the best ways to shake with his right paw does not indicate he understands how to shake with his left paw! Simply re-do the actions in either of the above techniques with your canine’s other paw and utilize a different cue for it.

You can either utilize the hand on the same side of your canine’s paw (i.e., your right hand and your pet dog’s left paw, and vice versa), or use a various names like “paw” and “shake” to separate between your canine’s right and left.


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