How to Teach Your Dog to Spin | Dog Tricks

Teach your dog how to spin in circles like a cute maniac!


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  1. CrayCray Avril

    Jul 08. 2014

    Id it ok to use a pen other than a clicker?

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  2. ubershredder1989

    Dec 21. 2015

    my dog doesnt spin unless i give it a big mac and french fries

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  3. Kpop Monhee

    Mar 28. 2016

    50 dogs is a few santaysha

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  4. Shain Moon

    Oct 10. 2016

    Stop Any Unwanted Dog Behavior And Raise The Perfect Puppy With А Method That’s Еffective, Gentle And Simple
    Waaatch Here==►►►►►► Hoooow to Teach Yoour Dog to Spin Dog Tricks

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  5. Itz Hwins

    Dec 26. 2016

    Thank you for this video I have already thought it to me my dog and it took 5 mins and it works🤗😊

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  6. Lobster

    Jan 20. 2017

    Haha, my dog just moves her head and leans backwards at the top of her rear when I try lol

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  7. spøøky spacecatz

    Feb 02. 2017

    my dog sits and stares at me or rolls over when i try to lead her in a circle with the treat

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  8. Dogs Are Great

    Feb 08. 2017

    Tried the wth my yorkie
    tried this with my French bulldog
    tries this with my pit bull


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    • Miss Rainn

      Feb 15. 2017

      each dog is different. Some train better with things other than food. (special toy, extra special verbal acknowledgment, ect.) You should try different things to see what works best while training your dogs! 🙂

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  9. 2Dogs 1Bark

    Feb 12. 2017

    My dog will just sit and won’t do anything I’ve tried everything but he won’t do it, please I need help

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  10. SilkyFur456 S3

    Mar 05. 2017

    The bad part is my dog is a chiweenie 😭

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  11. Kiki2 Riki2

    May 04. 2017

    thanks you my german shepred learn to sit lie down give hand and spin

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  12. Randy Murillo

    Jun 13. 2017

    I usеd a few seееecrets from the videos at to gеt our puрppу to stоp biting, digging, рeеing inside, and jumppрping on peopleeе. He’s a fast leaarnеr and masterеd 95% of it within a few dаys

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  13. xXRoxie And GamingxX

    Jun 18. 2017

    my dog did it i was so happy when he dis it

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  14. xXRoxie And GamingxX

    Jun 18. 2017

    *did it

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  15. Elixe

    Jun 21. 2017


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  16. HeyitsMaddy 1

    Jun 28. 2017

    My dog bite me when I put it on his nose ?

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  17. chelsea castillo

    Jul 09. 2017

    The tricks my dog knows
    4.high five
    5.Paw or shake

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  18. Gaming with kids

    Jul 09. 2017

    I try to get my dog to spin and she spins but before she reaches the end she sits on the floor!

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  19. This Vivian

    Jul 12. 2017

    I love using a pen as a clicker.

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