How To Teach Your Dog To Wave


Training your pet to wave is an advanced trick that is learned more rapidly if the foundation of a strong “shake” exists. If your dog already knows how to shake you are all set to begin, however if not, begin by training your pet dog how to Shake.

Teaching your canine ways to wave can be achieved by following these 5 steps. Keep in mind the two crucial consider successfully training your pet are to make sure you have their attention, and to always utilize favorable support upon getting the wanted outcomes.

Step 1:

Make sure your dog is focused. Get your pet dog’s attention via a piece of food, snapping your fingers, a remote control, or simply calling its name. When you have your pet’s focus, you can start training.

Step 2:

The wave involves the very same motion as a shake, so start by extending your give out as if you were going to shake your pet’s paw. Give the command “shake”, and your pet needs to reach out to shake your hand. As the canine extends its paw, don’t accept it, but rather stop short and permit your canine to continue attempting to shake. This will trigger your pet’s paw to search around searching for your hand, however its likewise the structure of the “wave” motion.

Step 3:

Get your pet to understand the command “wave”. As your dog reaches his paw out as if to shake your hand (recommendation step 2), give the command “wave”. Let your dog understand this is the exact movement you are asking for through using favorable support (” great”, petting, reward, and/or whatever makes him/her happiest).

Step 4:

Use appreciation and rewards to strengthen the command “wave”. Each time your dog begins to “wave” reward them with its favorite treat to assist duplicate the habits, or if the canine likes games and playing, play more with the canine after each time it carries out the “wave”. Remember it is essential to associate favorable reinforcement with the command, “wave”.

Step 5:

Repeating is the crucial to success. Doing this activity several times during the day will assist form a pattern and help make the pet know when to “wave” upon demand. It’s a sophisticated technique, so make certain you practice, and are client with your Pet dog not right away understanding the command.


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