How to Train Your Dog : How to Give Commands to a Dog You’re Training

Info, tips and techniques on the proper method to provide basic commands to your pet dog so that it will obey you are gone over in this free video.


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  1. Tony Cervantes

    Jun 25. 2014

    Train your dog

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  2. Bettina M. Felton

    Oct 27. 2014

    It’s absolutely embarrassing whenever your canine keeps jumping up on people.

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    • Bettina M. Felton

      Oct 27. 2014

      In fact, puppies have their unique way to think, when you want to teach your dog advanced lessons and tricks, you ought to know the secret behind their actions, check out herer:

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  3. onelastpiano

    Feb 24. 2016

    how do you not repeat???? you try a command once and after that you just rule it out? makes no sense to me.

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  4. Scott Jennings

    Sep 05. 2016

    *”I have been in this training program for about three months and the results has been outstanding. It is so evident that I’m always asked how I got our aggressive dog to change to something different [Details Here === **** ]. It seem that our dog is beginning to see humans and fellow dogs in a different perspective. I so much appreciate this training videos. Thank you Dan.”*

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    • uvesh master

      Jan 13. 2017

      I will givе you some grеаt ideas, tricks, and instruсtion thаt mаy helр you turn уour puррy intо thе bеst behavеd, most hapрpрpy, jogging, boоuncing, slipper-fеtching best раl you alwауs wаntеd?. Wаtch here ===> How to ТTTrain Your Dog How to Give Cоmmands to a Dog You re Training

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  5. Douglas Henderson

    Sep 06. 2016

    *”I’d say that the four main qualities that made Doggy Dan and his team stand out from the rest dog trainers are: passion, professionalism, caring, and leadership [Details Here === ****  ]. I so much admire them.”*

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