How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

Had to see more examples of leash training with various canines? Have a look at this playlist with more recent examples of different types of dogs learning how to walk nicely on a leash!

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How to Stop Jumping:

Teaching your canine to walk without pulling can be one the most challenging parts of training a pet dog! While every canine is various there are some basic ideas that you need to know. In this video, Nina the 6 month old LA-SPCA rescue dog, finds out the best ways to walk nicely on the leash and I'll demonstrate how basic it is to teach a pet dog without utilizing a prong collar, choke chain or shock collar.


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  1. Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution

    May 11. 2016

    Hope you guys like the video! Here’s a playlist that will show you how to teach your dog all of the basics in order as well as how to resolve common behavior issues! Thank you!

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    • Ashish Mike

      Apr 23. 2017

      Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution can you provide me your email i d… I would like to contact you regarding how to handle my German Shepherd puppy… He is a havok creating puppy and listens to none…

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    • Sean Poletynski

      Jul 12. 2017

      I would love to know, what if your dog is pulling ahead and choking herself with a regular collar, but won’t stop

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  2. Lynne Henry Merrick

    Oct 01. 2016

    Lots of great information on these videos but would like to see these methods with a small dog ie chihuahua or maltese. It much harder to get eye contact when the dog is so low to the ground. Any suggestions?

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    • Freerider

      Oct 09. 2016

      It does not matter what breed it is, because any dog will accept the right leadership. The sad truth is that a lot of humans look at their dog(s) as a human, and this has to change, because a dog is a dog. Mostly women choose the smaller dogs, and call them their babies and what not, thus they will have a dog all over the place. If you believe a smaller dog is simply less demanding because of its size, you need to think again. Any dog will try to dominate you if you don’t know dog behavior, and how to control a dog. A dog need empathy and leadership, and a good balance between the two, given at the right time. Most people either give too much affection or too much leadership, thus they get a dog with issues. We as humans have to accept and understand it is never the dogs fault, and no need to have so much pride that we blame the dog for everything, because the truth is that you as the owner is the responsible one for all of his/her behavior. If you as the owner is not the leader, the dog will easily dominate you, and that is his/her way of telling you to take responsibility. Never hurt the dog or loose your temper, just be firm and relaxed and get his/her attention. Dogs have bad short term memory, so you need to address behavior right then and there, so they have a chance of learning. Be consistent, have patience, this is not a race. Be the empathic leader that know how and when to show affection, and when to address behavior through leadership. Affection is only for when he/she is doing something right, and leadership is for when he/she show unaccepted behavior. Know your dog, and you will be rewarded.
      Dogs easily pick up on your energy, so if you are nervous and try to be the leader, he/she will be confused. You have to know you are the leader, and own that calm assertive energy, so you really need to pay attention to what you really show through your own behavior so you understand why your dog respond like he/she does. Don’t try to be the leader – BE the leader.
      If this sounds too much on you, you simply should not own a dog, because any dog deserve better.

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    • Debbie C

      Nov 17. 2016

      Lynne Henry Merrick trying making dog to sit, they will atomically look at u

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    • Alan Lee

      Jan 25. 2017

      Well, I don’t like this “it’s not the dog’s fault” saying. Yes, the human world and its society may not fit into a dog’s natural way of being but that’s too bad. We provide food, shelter, companionship, and love for them. It’s not like they have to starve for days if they can’t catch food or freeze out in the rain somewhere. Putting up with a little “training” is the least they can do. It doesn’t matter if they don’t “understand.” They better do what we tell them and that’s end of story.

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    • Edward Arriola

      Jan 27. 2017

      You do realize that dogs helped us build civilization, right? Our evolutionary histories are intertwined.

      If you can’t acknowledge that and respect how dogs need to be communicated with, you should probably not have one.

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    • Alan Lee

      Jan 28. 2017

      I don’t think you know how to communicate to a dog…

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  3. Timothy Raper

    Jan 07. 2017

    You mentioned if you have a high energy dog, long walks are not the best way to get their energy out. You suggest hikes etc. but these don’t seem feasible for everyday exercise. What would you recommend?

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  4. Sulema Rubio

    Jun 04. 2017

    Rome wasn’t built in a day but, it got burn in a day

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  5. Mohamed Hammad

    Jun 09. 2017

    mor than good I love this way of teaching dogs

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  6. Emerald Studios

    Jun 24. 2017

    My dig pulls to walk in the middle of the road but he won’t run

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  7. Marilyn Delrosramos

    Jun 25. 2017

    is it bad to give my dog more than recommend amount of treats when training?

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  8. Moises 568

    Jun 25. 2017

    Vitaly does dog videos now?

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  9. Emma Naujokas

    Jul 02. 2017

    nina listen from far away

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  10. Jo De

    Jul 03. 2017

    Every time i put on a leash my dog doesn’t eat his treats anymore
    What should i do?

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  11. James Sparks

    Jul 03. 2017

    I’m not sure I have the patience

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  12. Chris L.

    Jul 03. 2017

    I have the totally opposite problem. My 12 WO Lab puppy is hyper BUT she won´t walk outside. When I get her outside she wants to go back to the house and cause mayhem there, I have to pull her to get her to walk, drag her actually… She now is almost always just lying down and refusing to walk

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  13. Zachary Coulter

    Jul 07. 2017

    what kind of dog is nina?

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  14. Arush Kumar

    Jul 07. 2017

    make a video not to eat garbage or outside things

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  15. Highgrvity

    Jul 10. 2017

    take them on hikes…. you mean take the dog that wont walk on a leash outside on the streat…. with people, and cars… thanks i now know how to get my dog to walk on leash..

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  16. Clara Nencu

    Jul 11. 2017

    Nice, thank you. Will try it out

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  17. Oliver Santikham

    Jul 14. 2017

    Lol Ignore a bad behavior and it’ll magically go away. Giving treats for sitting gets rid of jumping and pulling??? Unbelievable.

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  18. Dave Horner

    Jul 16. 2017

    Who got shot?

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  19. John Sparks

    Jul 17. 2017

    I Love my little hunter but dachshunds are as hard headed as they come. One the walks, when he sees a squirrel or rabbit, forget it. After one year, I finally got it to sometimes not pull after he poops so I can use a bag.

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