Little Girl Controls Pit Bull Dogs | Future Dog Trainer

This little girl is somehow able to manage a big group of pit bull canines! While she preps their supper, the canines wait patiently for her command …
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37 Responses to “Little Girl Controls Pit Bull Dogs | Future Dog Trainer”

  1. Zach Hodgson

    Jan 09. 2015

    I sometimes wonder why I even bother reading YouTube comments. SO many stupid ppl.

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  2. Viperblood77

    Jan 09. 2015

    I love how they just use the floor as a bowl for them lol 

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  3. Fetii27 BABATTRO

    Jan 09. 2015

    Lol she should train them to fight in the military.

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  4. lukaszaz

    Jan 09. 2015

    Pitbulls are nice if u raise them good. 

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    • nickool1977

      Apr 30. 2016

      +matyviola actually humans are animals to. you compare an animal living in the wild were insticts of survive rules with dogs that have been domesticated many many years ago. you need to chill out a little bit because all i get from your comments is rage and for sure you need to see a doctor

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    • nickool1977

      May 03. 2016

      i saw that now so i comment now. you like faggots or what? or is it that you cant accept the fact that you like men?

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    • lukaszaz

      May 04. 2016

      Hahaha guys please, do like Elsa. Just fucking let it go…

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    • Roy Reid

      Jul 31. 2016


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  5. JukinVideo

    Jan 09. 2015

    Contrary to popular belief, pitbulls are actually pretty awesome dogs and incredibly loyal/well-trained with the right owner. ANY animal has potential to attack because nature but this is a pretty awesome video. 

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    • Sarika Sehgal

      Dec 01. 2016

      Тhе truth is, dоgs hаvе thеir uniquе wау tо think, аnd whеn уоu want tо tеасh ууyоur dоg аdvanсеd lеssоns аnd tricks, уou оught tо реrceive the sеcrеts bеhind thеir аctions Watсh hеrе ==> Little Girl Cоntrоls Рit Bull Dоgs Futurе Dоg Тrаinеr

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    • Chairasak Phainintha

      Jan 23. 2017

      I wоuld strоoonglууу reсоmmеnd рrорer trаining for уоur dоg. Тhink уou аrе imрlеmеnting effiсiеnt аnd dоg friеndlу аррrоaсhes?Seе hоw tо trаin уоur dоg thе right wау ==> Littlе Girl Cоntrols PРPРit Bull Dogs Future Dоg Тrаinеr

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    • Divergence

      Feb 19. 2017

      Just don’t be a asswhole trainer. Any dog is loyal just show them respect. 🙂 Really want a dog 🙁

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    • Espresso_The_Paint

      Jul 03. 2017

      +Nine Echoes I say your comment, and I saw one thing. The Labrador Retriever is way more calm then a pit-Bull. This is not true. Based on a study by the American Temperament Association, Pit-Bulls have the second best temperament of all dog breeds in the world, Labradors come in first with only about a three percent difference. 🙂

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  6. Angelo Fifield

    Nov 16. 2016

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  7. Bharat Bhushan

    Nov 25. 2016

    awesome video.

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  8. Kyra and Friends

    Dec 27. 2016

    Beautiful and well trained dogs. However they don’t look like pits to me.

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  9. twistedlover89

    Jan 20. 2017

    you go girl, little future trainer

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  10. joe z 99mustanf

    Jan 23. 2017

    i see starving human souls in theses dogs is that weird 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  11. Steph A

    Jan 24. 2017

    They are like “she has food, she is our leader, we shall obey!”

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  12. 김씨

    Feb 13. 2017


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  13. 김씨

    Feb 14. 2017


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  14. Toastergod44

    Mar 29. 2017

    She has her own private army. This is awesome lol.

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  15. Melanie Izzo

    Mar 31. 2017

    that’s just nasty why would you dump the food on the ground are you poor you cant Buy bowls you better clean the floor constently or els your steping in Dog Drool all day every day.

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  16. Erik Munoz

    Apr 10. 2017

    she’s the fucking alpha!

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  17. tiffani smith

    Apr 21. 2017

    it’s all in how their raised if u take care nd give them love they will give love in return pits r no different then any other dog they just got a bad rap

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  18. Shawn Strasser

    May 02. 2017

    “Only a short note to thank you such a great amount for your commitment and demonstrable skill. We picked up such a great amount from the essential training course thus did Libby!! [Go Here=== ] It has had a tremendous effect to every one of us, she appears to be such a cheerful, settled little pup now, on account of you, you’re training techniques and direction.”

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  19. mic loven

    May 31. 2017

    how do they not attack?

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