How To Teach Your Dog to Balance a Treat On Their Nose!

This is one of the most outstanding pet dog tricks and a great structure for teaching more advanced habits. Teaching a pet to do anything can be accomplished with clicker training, ... Watch →

Dog Trick Tutorial: “Cover your eyes!!”

This is an innovative pet dog trick for any dog that has some experience dealing with a favorable, marker-based design of training. It has been made popular partially from being ... Watch →

How to teach your dog to hug

How to teach your dog to hug, with Cohen the Australian Shepherd. A video! This is the way I taught Cohen to hug her toys (and capture them with her paws). I wasn’t familiar ... Watch →

Teach Your Dog How to Play Dead – AKC Trick Dog

Jennifer Michaelis and her Chinese Crested, “Ringo”, show the best ways to teach your pet dog to play dead. AKC Trick Pet titles are official AKC titles noted on the ... Watch →

Useful Dog Tricks 3 performed by Jesse

Presenting, Useful Canine Techniques 3!! Whoever stated techniques cannot work? Jesse’s back, and this time he takes on chores that many human beings would not discover ... Watch →

Teach Your Dog How To Kiss – AKC Trick Dog

Jennifer Michaelis and her Walking cane Corso “Tara”, demonstrate how to teach your pet dog to Kiss on your cheek. AKC Technique Dog titles are main AKC titles noted ... Watch →

Teach your dog the trick to Sit Pretty

The technique ‘Sit Pretty’ is one of my favorite exercises to teach canines. It is not just a cute technique, however it has numerous advantages that make it a must ... Watch →

How to communicate with a dog in his own language- dog training dog communication

In no way do I excuse pestering a pet in order to make them use calming signals for you to see. I kissed Kiko on the head in this video to reveal you something that dogs HATE ... Watch →

How to Train Your Dog : How to Give Commands to a Dog You’re Training

Info, tips and techniques on the proper method to provide basic commands to your pet dog so that it will obey you are gone over in this free video. Watch →


This video is a quick intro into fundamental obedience. Obedience is the essential means of interaction with any animal. Through obedience training your canine will discover exactly ... Watch →

Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement: How to Train a Dog

More excellent ideas for raising a happy and healthy young puppy! Pet dog Training with Positive Support: How to Train a Pet When training a canine, it is important to remember ... Watch →

Separation Anxiety – mild case – positive reinforcement dog training

This is an old video that I was not sure if I would ever publish. After shooting this there are a few things I would include, but I now have a brand-new computer system and I ... Watch →


This is Pete now famous skateboarding dog RIPPING the ramps at the SKATELAB in CALIFORNIA.These are simply a few of the techniques that he can perform. He was trained with favorable ... Watch →

How to train your dog not to pull- Loose Leash Walking

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Dog Training 101

THIS IS THE BEST WAYS TO TRAIN YOUR PET (not). hope u people took pleasure in! follow me. love u people:-RRB-)))))). Watch →

How to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days | Super Awesome Dogs

Potty training your canine can be a discouraging task but persistence and consistency can be terrific tools for a much better potty training experience. Training Tips: 1) When ... Watch →

Augusto the dog trainer with unleashed German Shepherds.

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Showdown with Holly | Dog Whisperer

While dealing with Holly's food aggression, Cesar gets bitten on the hand. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Get More Pet Whisperer: About Pet Whisperer: From London to the Jersey coast, ... Watch →

Best ultimate pit bull protection guard dog attack trained family pitbull k9 Achilles

Bulletproofpitbulls @facebook & instagram The supreme family protection pet in one bundle. He has actually never ever been on an e collar and can work simply as good with ... Watch →

“Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog

Meet Ace the elite security pet – who can leap through second-storey windows to take down armed intruders. The three-year-old American pit bull can even identify a range ... Watch →

Nana the Border Collie Carries Out Remarkable Pet Tricks

Amazing dog tricks performed by my buddy: a Border Collie called Nana! From footstalls, to walking front paw handstands, to running backwards, Nana does it all. All of Nana’s ... Watch →

16 week old labrador retriever pup training and techniques

Boomer has some new tricks to show off. Among the newer ones are moonwalk and bow. I am currently trying to combine back, come, and twirl into one command: line dance. Watch →

Beneficial Dog Tricks With Jesse The Jack Russel

Providing, Helpful Pet Tricks !! Whoever said techniques cannot be useful? Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier loves helping around your home, and I simply like his pleased attitude ... Watch →