Teach a Puppy to Sit | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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Victoria teaches Dylan to sit, a cue that's the structure of building a typical language between an individual and a pet dog.

In Teacher's Family pet, Victoria Stilwell shows you ways to use her Favorably Technique to train your pet the right way, growing your level of interaction to enhance the bond in between you and your animal.

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Victoria Stilwell is widely known as a pet fitness instructor, author, and television speaker. Stilwell served as a judge on the CBS show Greatest American Pet and is best called the host of the Animal Planet dog training TELEVISION show It's Me or the Pet, where she counsels households with issue pets and resolves their dogs' habits problems. In 2010, she released Positively, the world's first worldwide network of hand-picked world-class canine trainers dedicated to offering the public a brand name they can rely on humane, force-free training.

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24 Responses to “Teach a Puppy to Sit | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell”

  1. Danny Revill

    Nov 23. 2016

    My dog just bites my hand

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  2. themuzza88

    Jan 06. 2017

    I have a 9 week old Jack Russell. He picked up on this in literally 3 minutes.

    Thanks for the guide.

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    • cheezzzkaaahh

      Apr 07. 2017

      themuzza88 im jelous

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    • Sarah Jones

      Apr 30. 2017

      themuzza88 jack russels are very smart but watch out the breed has a lot of personality “quirks”

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  3. Victoria Confusione

    Feb 24. 2017

    Can I still teach it if I am getting a 5 month old

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  4. Amanda J F

    Feb 25. 2017

    My puppy is on my lap watching this with me. lol

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  5. Hope Reyes

    Mar 09. 2017

    I taught my puppy this when she was 4 months old. now she’s 11 months and hyper and won’t sit still

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  6. Liam Billings

    Apr 04. 2017

    I did it outside and my puppy just ate some grass

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  7. arcticstxrs

    Apr 21. 2017

    my puppy did it in two days. thank you so much!

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  8. Alice Kingsleigh

    May 19. 2017

    Dylan is a fast learner! Good dog!

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  9. Ruby Hill

    May 29. 2017

    My rescue dog is 3 but she doesn’t know sit and isn’t that fussed about treat, is there any other way to teach them?

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  10. Steve Urcle

    Jun 01. 2017

    Anyone else watching this even though they don’t have a puppy 😅

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  11. Ham Sammich

    Jun 03. 2017

    Used this to train my cat to sit. It worked, thanks

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  12. Leona

    Jun 06. 2017

    I used to watch Victoria all the time when I was a little kid 😭

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  13. Jade Magpantay

    Jun 06. 2017

    Im training my pomapoo and she just jumps on my leg to get the treat

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  14. Nevaeh A

    Jun 08. 2017

    my puppy won’t sit it’s taking her hours she is buying really stuborn

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  15. Ruben Gaming28

    Jun 20. 2017

    My dog won’t eat the freakin treats but I had some other treats he really liked but he just bit half of it off and ran away with it!!!!

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  16. Charming Shanaya

    Jul 10. 2017

    I love it😘😗😍

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  17. Hannah Rhodes

    Jul 16. 2017

    every time i tell him to sit he sits then lays down,is this ok?

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  18. Reyna Tobon

    Jul 17. 2017

    i hope this works for my puppy!!! ill comment if it dose!

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  19. Reyna Tobon

    Jul 17. 2017

    it didnt work! wow im so sad my pup is too hyper

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  20. Reyna Tobon

    Jul 17. 2017

    1 like = 1 more try

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