Teach Dog to Balance Cookie on Paws | Dog Tricks

Today we’re going to deal with a trick of balancing a cookie on your dog’s paw. To do this trick you’re going to want to have a pretty solid down with your canine, as well as you’re going to want to have some impulse control with your pet dog, which you can discover in a few of our other videos under impulse control.

To start getting that impulse control you can try workouts with your dog where you essentially put a reward on the ground, and if they do not go get it you can click and give them a reward. Try that a person more time with Betty. I’m just putting this down, when she doesn’t getting it, click, give her a reward. If she were to get up I would just pick the treat up so that she finds out that getting up is not getting her this. I do not need to say no or anything like that to tell her. The treat just merely has to go away when she stands.

After she gets the hang of this and can lying in place I can try getting closer to her which is a little more challenging. And you’re going to extremely slowly work to their paws. Eventually, and canines are sensitive about their paws, so you truly wish to type of get in close to it without putting it on their paw. But eventually you can attempt setting the reward right on their paw.

If they take a look at you can also provide a hint. And I use a hint of simply pointing my finger informing her to wait.

So you set the reward there. You can either click and hand it to her, or if you’ve taught your canine a release word you can attempt putting the reward down and after that stating fine. After you state okay also click, because what you’re searching for her to do is then take the reward.

It’s a fantastic trick to teach your pet due to the fact that not only is it adorable but they find out impulse control, they discover the best ways to stay, they get desensitized to having their paws managed. Okay. And, it’ll impress your pals.


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  1. lauren rebosio

    Feb 28. 2014

    What kind of dog is this? Anyone?

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  2. Loredana Dascalu

    Jan 16. 2015

    I taught my dog this trick simply by putting the reward between his paws and tell him to wait, once he mastered that, I placed treats on each paw. I give him the ok and he eats them. Also, I`ve taught him tricks without  a clicker

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  3. Jade karki

    Apr 14. 2016

    don’t you have anything like.. how to ask a dog to fetch his food container? I mean the one in which he eats

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