Training German Shepherd Dog Bark And Basic Bite Command

Teach Your Pet dog To Bark And Bite on Command Canine Learning Bark and Bite Command. Teaching Canine To Program Teeth. Train Pet dog To Bite And Bark on Command.
This Training is just for diversion and defensive. She is a safe pet dog in public, taught to focus and follow command.
Please forgive my bad English pronunciation. Everything about understanding and practice that made a dog recognize my Key Word and my Tone of Voice.

Ways to Train a pet dog to bark
1) Discover something that made your pet dog excited to bark. Possibly Try knocking door, Vacuum, Doorbell, Toy or Treat.
2) When the pet dog bark, mark it and instantly reward her.
3) Than Include a Verbal Hint like Bark or Speak
4) After few practice, Fade Off the important things that made your pet thrilled. Try to ask “bark” before the pet bark Reward right away when pet bark.
3) Continue doing practice till the pet dog mastered your intonation.
4) Once the pet mastered verbal cue, you can add in a hand cue

I utilizing the Capture and reward on the fundamental bite

When training her on Bite Tug, she made this behavior and noise. I record the behavior, include a spoken cue and reward the canine. After few Practice, I request for the verbal hint without the bite pull and reward her right away when she does it.

All training are taught with POSITIVE SUPPORT. If you like my video, Do subscribe to smartpuppy19don, of course you can share my video, however it would be nice to utilize Direct Link of my video, not copies. Thanks for watching.


25 Responses to “Training German Shepherd Dog Bark And Basic Bite Command”

  1. uponamidnightdreary

    Jul 10. 2016

    This dog is amazing. I couldn’t even tell the difference between the “bite” and “back” command. He’s on point

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  2. Fire dragon Ghost rider

    Mar 31. 2017

    Good but didn’t so how to do it

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  3. otis krinkle

    Apr 10. 2017

    misleading title.. thanks for nothing.

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  4. RJ Vlogs

    May 02. 2017

    Man your German shepherd is so well trained
    He listens to you even without treats
    I will get a German shepherd too

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  5. Suede Carter

    May 07. 2017

    I laughed so hard when she/he bites

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  6. Jugal Singh

    May 08. 2017

    awesome gsd ever

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  7. Sujal Arora

    May 09. 2017

    pls tell me how to command dog to atack thieves pls tell me

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  8. patsy bell

    May 11. 2017

    this is one extremely trained dog

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  9. Manish Tripathi

    May 11. 2017

    9899607282 Manish

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  10. TREAL406

    May 15. 2017

    Is A Great To Use A Bite Sleeve When Traing To Bite I. Command.

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  11. Amber Garland

    May 28. 2017

    Soon I want a German shepherd to protect me but I don’t know how to train it

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  12. Makeaky

    May 29. 2017

    Bet she is so cuddly at night. GSD’s are so gentle in nature and very smart

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  13. Arfan Ayub

    May 31. 2017

    how did you do that

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  14. Zane G

    Jun 06. 2017

    lacks intensity, but still a smart gsd. please stop having him bite at nothing. it hurts my teeth watching. Please research proper protection techniques and equipment. Unfortunately, this dog is probably ruined in that aspect. But for the obedience looks good.

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  15. OE mix

    Jun 11. 2017

    How did you train him like that?

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  16. Mr. walawalawangko

    Jun 22. 2017

    wth… not worked on my border collie..

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  17. Highest Price

    Jun 24. 2017

    this is nothing like actual bite work training this is a joke

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  18. Nitish Nigaah

    Jun 25. 2017

    how you do it

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  19. Fighter Rino61

    Jun 26. 2017

    You said in the title how to this is just you showing off your dog.

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  20. Allah Muhammad

    Jul 10. 2017


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